Board Development

Board Development

The board of directors is responsible for setting the mission, vision, values, and strategic direction of the organization. Effective boards hire effective leaders and maintain accountability for timely success. Having a strong board is critical for sustained success.

Non-Profit Board Development

In non-profit organizations, board members are typically chosen based on a commitment to organizational mission and vision or for their financial capacity. These members haven't necessarily acquired the skills to be a productive and strategic board member. VI team members run development sessions to empower board members with the knowledge and skills to be effective.

For-Profit Board Development

For-profit boards have been required to adhere to increasingly stringent governance rules and regulations. This challenges board members to be strategic and proactive in their meetings. To increase effectiveness, boards must develop meeting schedules, subcommittees, and strategic agendas that enhance their capacity to succeed.

Board Development Workshops:

  • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Effective Fundraising
  • Succession Planning
  • Creating Roles and Boundaries for Effective Interaction
  • "Best Practices" in Governance
  • Creating Annual Governance Agendas and Board Development Plans