Conflict Facilitation

Conflict Facilitation

Conflict can occur in any organization, at any time, under any circumstance, and between any persons or groups. Often it appears from unexpected sources. During times of conflict, our intuition is often our enemy. As a result, when conflict occurs, it is important to recognize when outside help is needed.

The resolution of an organizational dispute requires listening, research, analysis, communication, and new thinking to turn around old patterns of dysfunctional behavior.

Our Focus

Our focus is on a multi-layered approach. VI team members begin with a listening process aimed at identifying critical issues and concerns.

We invite various stakeholder groups to be involved in the listening and redirection of the organization. We work with the leadership to create an organizational foundation that can support the future direction.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a journey of engagement and conversation. There are no magic bullets. There are no easy answers. Ultimately, health comes through taking this journey.

VI offers trained skilled trained facilitators who bring a sense of humor and a fresh perspective to make a difficult journey tolerable and sometimes enjoyable. When vice presidents, physicians, or administrators get into conflict, VI can help.

Deeper Organizational Issues

Sometimes organizational conflict explodes as stakeholders disagree on direction. Through understanding individual and small group concerns, larger issues begin to emerge. As these issues are identified and understood, the organizational leadership can redirect dysfunctional patterns to enhance growth and healing. VI has a systematic process of intervention that can help.