Crisis Response

Crisis Response

A crisis is an event or series of events that prevent the normal functioning of an organization. These events may be either isolated incidents or patterns of dysfunctional behavior, which have spiraled out of control. Here are a few examples:

  • Natural disasters or other acts of God
  • Employee misconduct
  • Negative news coverage and damaging P.R.
  • Product or technology problems
  • Leadership problems and employee disengagement
  • Lower than expected financial results
  • Government probes and corporate lawsuits

Crisis Response

What is Unique About VI?

Many crisis management firms follow a simple model, where they control the information flow around the organization in crisis. They basically assume a public relations response in order to maintain organizational credibility with the larger community.

The problem with this response is that there is no time spent actually identifying the causes of the crisis, rectifying the issues, and creating plans to cope with future crises. As a result, dysfunction can be embedded in the organization. VI pushes leaders to engage the crisis productively and effectively, encouraging and helping to create short and long-term response plans.


  • Multi-layered plan to account for deeper structural problems.
  • Communication plan with flex-focus message strategies to account for the needs of different stakeholder groups.
  • Proactive media assistance with a strong leadership component, to increase confidence and lower stress.
  • An assessment of the organizational culture to identify other issues that influenced the current crisis.
  • A focus on connecting and communicating with key stakeholders during the crisis to increase the likelihood of a full recovery.

For Immediate Crisis Assistance Call:

Toni Daggy