DiSC® Assessment

Do members of your team vary in their personal communication styles?

Are some members of your team fast-paced and outspoken while others are cautious and reflective? Maybe some are warm and accepting while others are questioning or skeptical? Given these differences, teams often struggle with communication, understanding and shared outcomes. Each member's sytle is unique and valuable. Finding effective ways to understand each other, communicate and reach shared understanding is the challenge. Disc® provides reliable and valid means in establishing understanding in working with each other.

Everything DiSC Chart

Understanding each other, working more effectively and building a stronger team.

DiSC® assesses each individual and determines a certain style within four quadrants of the DiSC® diagram (as seen to the right). The quadrants stand for:

  • Dominance - direct, results-oriented, strong-willed and forceful
  • influence - outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic and lively
  • Steadiness - even-tempered, accommodating, patient and humble
  • Conscientiousness - analytical, reserved, precise and systematic

The DiSC® assessment helps teams further understand each other, each individual unique style and the benefits of their differences. Learning to appreciate one another's different styles allows team members to better meet one another's expectations, working more effectively and more cohesively as a stronger team.

The DiSC® assessment profile book is an outstanding resource:

Each team member receives a personalized curriculum profile book which specifically notes their unique DiSC® Profile along with additional resources and information on how to better understand other styles and strategies to better work with others. The curriculum book serves as a guide in team training and interaction as part of the DiSC® Training program provided by a certified DiSC® trainer from Venture International LLC. The understandings and resources in the book can be referenced for months and years to come as team members continue to work and grow together.

Everything DiSC Profiles

The DiSC® can benefit the individual, the team and the organization

Individual Benefits:

  • Discover behavioral tendencies and communication preferences
  • Gain knowledge to better align behaviors with workplace needs

Team Benefits:

  • Comparison reports that enable team members to better understand each other
  • Improve workplace relationships and decisions

Organizational Benefits:

Benefits for Leaders:

  • Enables leaders to understand the relationship between their behavior and their effectiveness
  • Improve communication effectiveness by increasing self-awareness and awareness of team strengths and weaknesses

Benefits for Managers:

  • Understand the behavior style of team members
  • Understand how to modify communication to improve effectiveness

Cultural Benefits:

  • Gain awareness of team interaction from a cultural perspective
  • Enables the team to name and change problematic patterns within the culture

Benefits for Hiring:*

  • Differentiate job applicants through enhanced alignment of job descriptions with behavior style tendencies
  • Identify behavior patterns linked to job effectiveness
  • Identify candidates with communication and behavioral patterns that are most likely to succeed
*DiSC® is not a predictive tool for success in employment or in a particular job classification; however, it does provide valuable insight into how employees may behave and interact within a given team.