Reflowable & Fixed-Format Layouts

Venture International LLC offers our publications in two formats on the Amazon Kindle Store: Fixed Format and Reflowable layouts.

Reflowable Layout

Reflowable layouts are the common layouts that you will find on the Kindle Store. Based on the type of device you are using to read the book, reflowable layouts adjust based on the screen size. Additionally, the text size can be scaled up or down based on user preference. These books will primarily be blocks of text with images inserted throughout the publication.

Fixed Format Layout

Fixed format is a newer type of ePublication layout that is intended to maintain the layout as it was originally designed. Fixed format is primarily for picture and comic books, but because we design our books to be very visual, fixed format helps to retain that visual presentation, allowing a pixel specific page size that is used to precisely control the layout of the objects on the pages, allowing for particular text sizes, and precisely positioned images.

Which layout should I choose?

In the end, it's all based on your preference. Our books allow the option to preview a few pages of the book, allowing you to decide which layout you prefer. Reflowable is ideal for customers who may not wish to be stuck with smaller text and don't care much about a book's design while fixed format is the better choice for those who prefer to have a more visual book to look at.