Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is creating a map for organizational success. Aligning the strategic planning process with organizational functions is at the heart of the VI model. This model includes the latest developments in industry best practices.

VI team members bring observations acquired through implementation of strategic plans across the country.

Our Process

VI team members begin by facilitating the creation of Mission, Vision and Values documents for the organization. This includes the input of various stakeholder groups, and forms the basis of the planning process.


The clear deliverables from Strategic Planning through Venture International

  • Priorities focus organizational resources.
  • Goals establish clear direction.
  • Strategies and tactics are at the base of implementation.
  • The end result is a plan with easy-to-track dashboards.

The Importance of Core Values

  • Core values become a touchstone for decision-making.
  • Core values become a point of commonality, linking employees during times of disagreement.
  • Core values provide a reason for behaviors.
  • Core values link customers and donors to the organization.
  • Core values encourage behavioral consistency.