Survey and Assessment

Survey Assessment

VI offers a wide range of assessment services to our clients. We constantly review and improve our process and tools based on new research.

360 Degree Leadership Assessments

A 360 degree assessment provides a multi-dimensional perspective on the performance of a specific leader. It draws input and opinions from supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates on the strengths of the leader and where they can improve their performance.

Providing feedback to leaders on performance and perception allows individuals to build on their strengths and improve often unrealized areas of concern.


  • Assists in identifying and understanding issues of concern - the first step towards positive growth.
  • Delivers insight into personal patterns within the organization.
  • Improves morale for interviewees.
  • Provides an unbiased and objective view.

Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

An assessment takes input and opinions from across the organization. It provides a snapshot of perceptions regarding governance, the leadership team, and the organizational culture.

Understanding perceptions and culture is the first step in planning successful organizational change.


  • Identifies improvement areas in organizational processes and communication.
  • Delivers insight into cultural patterns of the organization.
  • Elevates understanding of leadership and the governance effectiveness.
  • Improves morale for interviewees.
  • Provides the unbiased and objective view that only an outside entity can bring.

Community and Stakeholder Assessments

This assessment uses a large sample size, and focuses on external stakeholders' feedback. It provides the client with a summary of perceptions and trends in the target community or stakeholder group. Using a randomly selected sample of that audience, results are statistically reliable and able to be benchmarked.

VI assists clients in all phases of survey research; from designing the questionnaire and selecting the sample, to interviewing participants and analyzing data. We provide clients with a thorough, comprehensive report identifying data patterns and perceptions.