Title IX Training and Support

Survey Assessment

The 2013 Violence Against Women Act established new standards for colleges and universities in response to sexual violence. These new expectations mean that leaders must review existing policies, define new procedures and protocols and equip campus stakeholders to engage effectively with the new guidelines.

Venture International LLC, partnering with Clark Hill PLC, aims to provide campus leaders responsible for Title IX, Student Life and Campus Safety support in complying with the federal requirements around sexual violence and campus crime.

This support includes:

  1. Assistance in applying the regulations to your campus policies or assistance in restructuring your policies to meet the new regulations.
  2. Training for individuals responsible for regulatory implementation.
  3. Training for individuals responsible for investigations.
  4. Provide split gender dual investigation teams.
  5. Assistance in understanding exemption status based on religious tenets.

What policy requirements are needed?

  • Notice of non-discrimination: prohibition of sexual discrimination and commitment to address sexual misconduct.
  • Scope of the policy: programs, locations and activities covered by the policy.
  • Confidentiality policy: defining pastoral and professional counselors and requests for confidentiality.
  • Appropriate definitions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, hostile environment, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and retaliation.
  • Options for assistance
  • Immediate assistance: emergency personnel and emergency numbers, health care options.
  • Ongoing assistance: interim measures, academic accommodations, counseling and support.
  • Investigation and procedural protocols
  • Title IX coordinator information
  • Title IX reporting protocols: explain students' method of formal reporting and school's reporting requirements.
  • Grievance and appeal procedures
  • Prevention, education and training

Critical procedure protocols which mitigate risk

  • Clearly written and articulated policies and procedures.
  • Accessible and disseminated policies and procedures.
  • Detailed documentation of policy provisions.
  • Defined and followed investigative procedures.
  • Equity in communication both verbally and in writing.
  • Honoring confidentiality.
  • Clearly written and communicated grievance and appeal processes.

Venture International LLC has completed Title IX training and certification.